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3rd Grade 



A Little About Me!




         Hello, my name is Dolly Calais.  After graduating from UL of Lafayette in 2001 and long-term subbing I began my teaching career at Cecilia High School in 2004 where I taught Family and Consumer Sciences. I then transitioned over to Cecilia Junior High, where I also taught Family and Consumer Sciences.   After taking some time off to start a family, I came back to education as an ESL tutor for 9 years. This will be my fourth year at Teche Elementary and I am so excited to embark this adventure in 3rd grade!




         I am truly looking forward to getting to know your child & you! As your child’s teacher, it is my goal to have an open line of communication. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues please pick up the phone or send me an e-mail.




         Looking forward to a FABULOUS year in 3rd grade!



Contact info:  337-667-6400 Extension:  2548


Remind app:


**Please feel free to contact me via email or phone and through the remind app.  I will be sending a text to everyone that attended open house and left their contact information with me.  





2019-2020 Daily Schedule














Social Studies




Social Studies




1:35-2:15 Language/Spelling
2:15-3:00 Social Studies
             3:00-3:25 Dismissal/SSR




Planning Period/Conference Times:


Discipline Plan & Conduct

Conduct will go home daily in their folder. Please review and discuss behavior with your student and initial next to their grade daily.


Classroom Rules:

  • Say kind words and use your manners.
  • Make smart choices and be responsible for your actions.
  • Always follow directions.
  • Raise your hand to speak and listen while your teacher is speaking.
  • Treat others with respect, treat yourself with respect, and respect your school.



  • Academic Success
  • BARK bucks
  • Verbal or written praise
  • Treats and trinkets
  • Extra recess or privileges



  • 1-verbal warning

    2-moves to A- on the conduct chart

    3-moves to B on the conduct chart

    4-moves to a C and loses 5 min of recess

    5-moves to a D and loses 10 min of recess

    6- moves to an F and loses all of recess and will get a phone call home to parent and be written on a minor infraction form.


  • Severe disruptions will result in immediate state referral and sent to the disciplinarian.




Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Students will be responsible for recording it in their agenda. Students who do not complete homework will stay in at recess to complete it. Students should read every night. Practice will help them grow as readers and thinkers.


Test Papers

Signed Papers will go home on Wednesday of each week and are due back signed the following day. If you need the weekend to review with your child, please send a letter to let me know.


Grading Scale:

            A                     93 - 100

            B                     85 - 92

            C                     75 - 84

            D                     67 - 74

            F                     66 – below



Daily attendance is important for your child’s academic success. However, students do get sick and emergencies happen. Below is the parish attendance policy that will be followed.

* Any excuses must be turned in within 3 days of the student’s absence. The health center does give excuses, but you must call the Health Center the day of your child’s absence.


Excused Absences: will receive full credit, if excuse is received within 3 days


Unexcused Absences: will be allowed to make up work and test missed; however they will only receive 80% of the score earned.


Suspensions: Students will be allowed to make up missed assignments; however, they will only receive 70% of the score earned.




At Teche Elementary, students must wear their IDs daily. If they forget or lose their IDs, they will have to purchase a temporary ID for 50¢.  


Replacement IDs are sold in the office for $5 (id, lanyard, and clear pouch can be purchased for $6).


Sweatshirts & Spirit Shirts

Students can purchase a Teche sweatshirt, which can be worn in class. Student can also wear a solid green, red, navy, white, or gray sweatshirt in the classroom. It cannot have a hood, zipper, or designs. In cold weather jackets can be worn.


Spirit shirts can be purchased in the office and students can wear them every Friday with their uniform bottom. Only the Teche shirt sold in the office will be allowed on spirit day.


Class Parties

Birthday parties for students are prohibited; however, parents may bring cupcakes after 2:30 to celebrate a child’s special day! Due to allergies please notify me at least a day in advance if you would like to bring treats for the class.

A Christmas party will be held in December before the last school day. Also, students can exchange treats for Halloween, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.



If your child will be going home a method other than their normal one, please send a note. Students will not be allowed to board a different bus or leave with someone without a parent letter.