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I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe! 

If you click on the homework link you will find a suggested reading site that you can do with your child. Do what you can but please know that this is only suggested and not required.




Students have their ZPD levels from the STAR Reading assessmnet. This information is used to check out books in between those levels in the Library. Students must test in level and earn an 85% or better on AR tests. 


Please encourage your child to read every night. Their goal is to have at least 85% comprehension on any AR test that they take. We have an incentive (every 9 wks) for students who earn all points necessary according to their ZPD levels with an 85% comprehension. 


We also have a STAR wall in our main office. Students with at least 25 AR points with 85% comprehension get to have their picture, name and the number of points on the wall.


If you should have any questions, please see my  contact information above.