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 Marking Period 2: November 10 - January 27th

Books we've been working on: 



Marking Period 1: September 8 - November 9th

Books we've been working on:



It has been a great September, as everyone has gotten to know each other at Rohrer Middle School!


A quick introduction:

- My name is Melissa Barrett and I am a Reading Interventionist (Reading Specialist) focusing on 6th graders.

- I will be working with individuals, small groups and whole class sections in 6th Grade Language Arts this year with Mr. McCloskey and Mr. Loughlin/Ms. Rivas.

- I've worked in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Camden with all grades (elementary, middle school and high).

- I have 3 dogs (two Golden Retrievers and an Italian Greyhound).

- I can be reached anytime to discuss concerns or questions. You can email me at: [email protected] or reach me at 856-869-7750 x8000.