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Please be aware that all of Mr. Costa's classes utilize Google Classroom and the Google Apps suite. Any and all of the information regarding the class can be found in his Google Classroom. 


Please check in with your child at any time to view the classroom, as anyone who does not have a West Deptford account is unable to use the classroom. 


With all of that being said, to keep up to date with any/all homework, tests, and quizzes, and upcoming events, including a class calendar, be sure to fill out a form by clicking HERE. This form will allow you to receive a bi-weekly newsletter for Mr. Costa's classes. In regards to the class calendars, keep in mind that these calendars are living documents, so they do change from time to time. 


If you would like additional information about how classroom rules and procedures, please click HERE.


For students who need their Google Classroom Codes to log into Google Classroom, that information is presented below:


Period 1 (10th Grade Honors)

Class Code: pa737zd


Period 2 (Popular Culture and Media Studies)

Class Code: qgxfdqf


Period 3  (10th Grade Honors)

Class Code: p7gqovv


Period 5  (9th Grade College Prep)

Class Code: mbpkm32


Period 6  (9th Grade College Prep)

Class Code: 6d2756d


Period 8 (9th Grade College Prep)

Class Code: gct4eni


If you would like to contact Mr. Costa directly, please email him at: