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PreK is a Great Place to Be!!



Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe!  We love and miss you!

If you click on the homework link you will find suggested activities you can do with your child for the week. Do what you can but please know that these are only suggested and not required.

  BrainPOP code is: spruce2371




Words to Know

I, a, the, is, see, like, my, and, can, today, me, he, she, we, you, to, it, at, do, in, of his, go, on, are, him, say, this, that, has, have, for, what, want





Message me on remind if you have any questions!




Ways to Stay in Touch:

-send a message on REMIND

-call and leave a message at 667-6700 ext. 2618

-send a message through email;










Morning Bell rings at 7:45a.m.  Please make sure your child is here on time each morning.  Thanks!!!!!


Please practice alphabets and numbers 1-10 flashcards with your child!!

Read to your child as much as possible.  Ask them questions about the story to get them involved in the storytelling.


Check folders daily and initial the conduct calendar 

 Reminder: Please write your child's first and last name in jackets and sweatshirts worn to school!!





            Be prepared

              Act Responsibly

      Respect all

     Keep safe