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Students have their ZPD levels from the STAR Reading assessment. This information is used to check out books in the Library. Students must test in level and earn an 85% or better on AR tests. 

**There will be a mid-year incentive (this incentive will take place after state testing in May). In order to qualify students need to earn: 

3rd grade: 35 points w/ 85 comprehension by December 20, 2019.
4th & 5th grade: 50 points w/85% comprehension by December 20, 2019. 


The end of the year incentive deadline is Friday, May 1, 2020.

Students in 3rd grade will need 70 AR points with 85% comprehension.

Students in grades 4 & 5 will need 100 AR points with 85% comprehension. 



Please encourage your child to read every night. Their goal is to have at least 85% comprehension on any AR test that they take. We have pizza and play incentive (every 9 wks) for students who earn all points necessary according to their ZPD levels with an 85% comprehension. 


If you should have any questions, please see my contact information above. 

Parents please continue to send in your box top for education labels.

*They are each worth 10¢.

*If you have 50 or more, you can bundle them in groups of 50.
This can be in a ziploc, envelope, or taped to a collection sheet. (click here for collection sheet)

Visit and use the zip code 70521 to view our school page.


You can also turn in Community Coffee labes. They can be packaged in groups of 25. 

Thanks for your support.