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COACH Jonathan Royer


 Conference times

I am available by appointment between the following hours:
Monday - Friday   2:15 - 3:00 pm

[email protected]

909-2500 ext. 2526
Gym room 27


 Physical Education Discipline Plan


Students earn 10 points per day for participation in P.E. activities and life skills lessons. Students who are non-compliant or uncooperative during directions, instruction, or play, are issued a warning, which results in a 5-point loss for that session. The remaining 5 points will be left to the student(s) depending on their improvement and cooperation from the moment the warning or redirection was issued. If the non-compliance continues, the remaining 5 points will be also deducted, resulting in a 0/10 score for the day. Students who score a 0/10, will serve a recess detention with the coaches, for a brief remedial discussion to prevent further lack of cooperation and/or misbehavior.


Classes who are collectively cooperative, on time, responding to directions, etc. are given a Gold Check (PBIS) at the end of each P.E. session. These checks accumulate throughout the course of the semester/quarter. At the end of the semester/quarter, the class with the most Gold Checks from each grade level will earn a Pizza Party, provided by the school’s PBIS committee.


Students who do not participate in P.E. must have a note from a parent or doctor. A note from either will suffice and will not result in the loss of participation points for that day, whereas the absence of a written excuse will result in a loss of points for lack of participation. If a student brings an excuse note from a parent for more than three (3) consecutive days, a call will be placed to parents informing them that a doctor’s note is now required to avoid the loss of participation grades in P.E.