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 CONGRATULATIONS on a successful first nine weeks!!


P.L.→Student of the First Nine Weeks                     B.C.→Moving on Up Award


Third Grade students enjoyed their first unit, The Stories Julian Tells.  They engaged in rich discussions about character traits by using the character's actions in the story.  They also became authors by writing a narrative using the illustrations from The Red Book.  For the second nine weeks, we will begin our next unit, Cajun Folktales.  


Fourth grade students learned all about the Middle Ages.  The class enjoyed reading and discussing the story, THE WHIPPING BOY.  The students were very engaged when figuring out the meaning of the figurative language used throughout the text.  The students were also able to identify character traits and the theme of the book.  We ended our unit by watching the movie, The Whipping Boy and making our own crest.  Our unit for the second nine weeks is the American Revolution.  


Fifth-grade students read the novel, The Templeton Twins.  They also studied amazing scientists such as Galileo,  Isaac Newton, and Richard Feynman, to name a few. The students were able to compare and contrast contributions from various scientists. They also learned and wrote about the solar system and how it has changed over time. Our main discussion was on the process of scientific inquiry and how the fictional text, The Templeton Twins, and the excerpt from the biography,  Feynman's Father  both provided an example and explanation of the process.  For the second nine weeks, we will begin our next unit, The Birchbark House.  


 • Please check your child's folder for the handout that includes a list of books we will be reading, goals, and expectations for their new unit.