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Welcome to my class for the 2020-2021 school year.

Conference Times:
Monday -2:00-2:45
Tuesday -8:00-8:45
Wednesday - Not available
Thursday -8:00-8:45
Friday -8:00-8:45



LEAP Testing Grade 3-4  

April - May   




Parent / Teacher Conferences


Labor Day - September 
Thanksgiving - November 

Christmas & New Year - December 

Martin Luther King - 

Mardi Gras - March 
Easter - April 

Memorial Day 

St. Martin Parish Grading Scale:
A - 93 - 100% 

B - 85 - 92% 

C - 75 - 84% 

D - 67 - 74%

F - 0 - BELOW 1.0

Home Work Policy:

Parents, students are responsible for copying their homework onto a homework chart daily. The website with the homework listed may not always reflect the assignment given throughout the week. Therefore it is very important that students copy the homework from the board.
I believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school.  I give homework because it is useful in reinforcing what has been learned in class and preparing students for upcoming lessons, extending and generalizing concepts, teaching responsibility, and helping students develop positive study habits.  Homework in my class also begins as part of my students classwork. Therefore, most if not all work should be completed at school. This can be accomplished if my students use their time wisely.



Parents, the Parish has mandated that all students learn to cursive handwrite. I assign a letter per week. Please verify that your child is completing the handout front and back for a grade.
Handwriting grades are usually generated by the students overall writing habits. Grades in this subject get S for satisfactory, N for needs improvement, and U for unsatisfactory.

I teach Ereka Math. If you need to help your child at home, you can access Ereka math online. There are helpful videos and resources. The common assessment is given immediately after a topic is taught.   
M4T is a quiz that is given weekly after the skills have been taught.
    Students should constantly study their basic facts.   

Test will be given weekly.

Art grades are again S, N, and U.  Art projects are usually generated in most subjects.
 For example:  The math lessons on pictographs, bar graph, and ordered pairs required students to do some crafty work with colors.  Therefore a math and art grade was produced from this sort of student work. I try to incorporate some fun activities in most subjects.


I look forward to teaching your child and having a great year!  If you have any concerns please contact the school at 337-667-6400 ext. 2532.