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~Well we made it through the first week. I enjoyed getting to know the students and watching them work on Google Classroom.  Next week we will start full days, (except for Tuesday.)  I will be pushing out a back to school video through Google Classroom on Tuesday evening.  We will continue getting to know each other, our devices and apps/programs. I am so proud of the students this week.  They were all on time and ready to learn!  Great job parents!



I have updated our student schedule to reflect the new changes.  I am sure there will be more changes throughout the year but I feel confident to post it for now. 




Helpful Hints:


1. GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE: kot35un. The link to my google classroom is:  When prompted, hit join. 



2. Logging on to school chromebook: Gmail addresses are needed to login into district devices and district managed platforms such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Clever. 

****The address format is as followed: Graduation year first name last name intial:


3. Password: The password for Grade 4 is: fourth



I can be reached at,, with any questions or concerns.


Thank you!

Mrs. Short








"Anyone was has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein