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  •  Pencil Case filled with the following: (All things must fit in the pencil case) and labeled with names on things.
  • Pencils(Not mechanical)

  • 24 pk. Crayons

  • 2 pink erasers

  • Glue sticks (2-3)

  • Kids scissors

  • Dry erase marker, black (2) 

  • Clean sock, fabric, or dry erase eraser

  • Highlighter

  • 2 pocket folder for classwork

  • Headphones no earbuds please (labeled in a ziplock bag) Please send headphones in a plastic bag for hybrid schedule.They don’t have to fit in the toolbox


Additional Supplies for Art: please sent these supplies in a plastic bag with your child's name. 

   1 box of multicolored markers

   1 box of multicolored colored pencils