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      I cannot wait for a fun-filled year together!  

      I grew up in Forked River with my Mom, Dad, and little sister.  My Mom's family is from Tuckerton though!  Actually, my Aunt and Uncle went to High School right here at what is now Tuckerton Elementary!  Pretty cool, huh?

I now live in Little Egg with my husband and three kids.  All of my children had the awesome experience of attending T.E.S!  My daughter, Alex, is currently in Texas at boot camp for the Air National Guard.  I am extremely proud of her for taking that courageous step.  My son, Ashton, is in his second year of college while working full-time.  Lastly, my daughter Danika is starting 9th grade at Pinelands High School!

I started working here in 2004, teaching third grade.  I taught third grade for six years, then I moved to fourth grade.  I taught fourth grade for 7 years.  Seven years ago I started looping from 3rd to fourth.  


My Favorites:


Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite leisure time activity: Reading in my hammock and camping :)

Favorite Food:  Crabs

Favorite Place:  Disney World

Favorite Sport:  Football

Favorite Team:  Giants!!!


One more of my favorites is STORMS!!!!  I love storms!