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Welcome to Mrs. Smith's School Counseling Corner!


Elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners.


School counselors work as a team with the school staff, parents and the community to create a caring climate and atmosphere. By providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, school counselors can help all children achieve academic success. (ASCA, 2012) 


The main goal of the School Counselor is to help all children reach their full potential by developing an understanding of self and an appreciation for others. The School Counselor achieves these goals through individual and group counseling, educational programs and assemblies, conferences, and referral to community resources.


School Counselors:


• Talk to students on an individual basis, in groups, or in classes


• Work with potential crisis situations


• Assist students, teachers, and parents


• Help promote a positive school climate


• Assist in academic and social growth


• Act as an advocate for students


A parent may request individual counseling for their child by contacting their School Counselor. Permission is needed for any child to receive regular counseling, whether individual or group.


Students may receive counseling services for the following:


• Feel confused, sad, or lonely


• Have a problem with a friend, teacher, or family member


• Need help making a decision


• Just need someone to talk to



What My Role Is In Tuckerton Elementary School


My role as the School Counselor at Tuckerton Elementary School is to be an advocate for the students. I serve the students in many capacities, including individual counseling services to help students with school related issues. I also offer group counseling for topics such as changing families and social skills. You can also find me in the classroom doing lessons on character education and bullying in order to educate students on these topics.



My role as the Anti-Bullying Specialist is to investigate possible bullying situations. I also chair the School Safety Team  where it is our job to investigate patterns of bullying, taking preventative measures to eradicate bullying, and understanding the school climate to make students feel as safe as possible when entering the building.


My door is always open to any student who may need a helping hand.


Programs Offered:


Character Education Program


Through the school year, we highlight different character traits for the Tuckerton Elementary SchoolTakes A Stand (TESTAS) Program. Teachers incorporate activities that will build these character traits in students. 





Community members volunteer to spend some time each week with a student who might benefit from developing a supportive relationship with another adult. Mentors give the students, known as mentees, the kind of


encouragement and understanding that builds a child's self confidence and independence. Mentoring provides children the opportunity to speak with other caring adults about themselves.


Bullying Prevention
Tuckerton Elementary School utilizes the NJ State Bar Foundation “Bully Busting Curriculum”. Each grade level teacher teaches the six (6) foundational lessons from this curriculum, which are focused on preventing


bullying, bystander behavior, recognizing the difference between bullying and normal conflict, and more, and supplements them with additional activities throughout the year. Additionally, character education is emphasized


throughout the school and students are recognized on a monthly basis at All School Meetings for demonstrating excellent character.




Websites for Character Education and Bullying Prevention: 


Contact Information:


Christina Smith, School Counselor


[email protected]


609-296-2858 ex.21