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We use GoMath as our 3rd grade resource for Mathematics instruction.

It is aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS).


The main concepts addressed in 3rd grade are taught to mastery as part of the CCCS.  



*Number Sense (place value to 1000)


*Multiplication concepts and strategies (within 100)


*Division concepts and strategies (within 100)


*Data Collection and Interpretation




*Measurement (time, volume, length)


*Geometry (perimeter, area, plane shapes)



You can use the GoMath website, ThinkCentral for a variety of resources such as homework help or practice.  You can access and print out pages from the student books, have students practice on Mega Math, or Soar to Success.  You child will need their ThinkCentral username and password to access the site's content.  Please contact me if you need assistance with your child's username and password.


Third Grade CCCS for Mathematics


Extra Math  math fact practice


Fact Monster  math fact practice


iXL Practice that feels like Play