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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!   This school year I will have copies of all assignments and materials avaliable via Google Classroom. Google classroom codes are listed below based on what class period you are in.  



Class Period   Google Classroom Code  
1st Certified Clinical Medical Assistant   ge42g3u  
2nd Emergency Medical Responder  ioyauuj  
3rd Emergency Medical Responder  hul4vrr  
4th Emergency Medical Responder   z5cq4uy  
5th Athletics    
6th Athletics    
7th Athletics    


1st Period   7:35-8-:38  

2nd Period

3rd Period 9:39-10:32  
4th Period 10:36-11:29  

First Lunch Shift


5th Period

(2nd Lunch)


5th Period

Second Lunch Shift 12:26-12:56  
6th Period 1:00-1:53  
7th Period 1:57-3:00  



Please feel free to contact me with any quesitons at [email protected] or 387-2932 x 1413



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