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 K-4 Physical Education

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Look for information on my Ross Running Club--coming soon! The club is for 2nd thru 4th grade. 


Each class sees me twice a week. It is very important that you remember to dress your child in sneakers Image result for cartoon sneakersfor PE days!! It is a safety issue and they cannot play in anything other than sneakers or atheltic shoes. 


Monday PE:      Tuesday PE:       Wednesday PE:         Thursday PE:         Friday PE:

LeVan                 Baronowitz           Fawley                        Cuevas                     Baronowitz

McGonigle         Barth                     Cuevas                        Reeves                     Barth  

McGuigan          McGonigle            Toner                          McGuigan                Reeves

Valencia                                           Valencia                      Mallen                      LeVan 

Brennan                                           Brennan                      Fawley                     Mallen



Healthy Runners Incentive Program:

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About the Program:

   3rd and 4th grade students will walk over to Tighe during one of their Physical Education Classes, once a month, and will be given a number of laps to complete in 15 minutes. The laps will be within reason and a number that even children who choose to walk and lightly jog will be able to finish. Their laps will be recorded, so they can do more if they choose. 

If they complete, at least, the number I give them, they get the monthly charm (Ex. Feb = Heart, December = Snowman, March= Clover). I have special charms for when their total number of laps, over a period of time, equal a 5K, 13.1, and 36.2. It gives the kids motivation to run and want to be healthy!

I will announce at the end of the school year the boy and girl from each grade level with the most laps done for the year. They will be receiving a prize for having the most.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:


Phone- (609)822-2080 Ext.316


Ms. Lisa Carey


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