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Introduction to Engineering Design: 

IED provides students with opportunities to be creative and to apply their decision-making and problem-solving skills to design problems. Students use powerful computer hardware and software (AutoDesk Inventor) to develop 3-D models or solid renderings of objects. Using a Computer Aided Design System, students learn the product design process through creating, analyzing, rendering and producing a model. The techniques learned and equipment used, are state of the art and are currently being used by engineers throughout the United States. This is a course that is part of the Project Lead The Way program.


Computer Graphics:

Computer graphics and computer-generated commercial art have become the norm in our environment. This semester course explores the use of computer graphic illustrations in such areas as advertising, presentation drawing, charting, graphing, rendering and graphic arts. Students will be using Adobe Photoshop as the main software component to this course. Photoshop is one of the leading graphic software applications utilized across many career fields as well as in college. Emphasis is placed upon the practical aspects of computer graphics and how this is used in web publishing, design and illustration, photography and multimedia presentations.