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Welcome to Mrs. Purdy's website.


I work with children who have been identified for Exceptional Student Education (ESE), and have an Individualized Education Plan.(IEP)   My job is to help your child  attain the goals and objectives on his/her IEP.  I work closely with both the student and his/her teacher so that child can be successful in the classroom.


What is an IEP?

An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan that addresses the child's needs and includes specific educational goals.  Please plan to attend the yearly IEP meeting to help revise your child's are an imporatant member of the IEP team.


What is Inclusion?

An inclusion classroom is a class in which students identified for ESE services are members of the general class, and most if not all of the ESE services are provided in their classroom.  The general teacher and special education teacher collaborate to ensure student success.


I look forward to working with your child!