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Trick Words


Students will be responsible for reading Trick Words 

by sight (in 3 seconds) and spelling.


Unit 2

shall, full, pull, both, talk, walk


Unit 3

done, goes, pretty


Unit 4 

again, please, animal, sure, use, used


Unit 5

against, knew, know, always, often, once


Unit 6

only, house, move, right, place, together


Unit 7

eight, large, change, city, every, family, night, carry, something


Unit 8

world, answer, different


Unit 9

picture, learn, earth, father, brother, mother


Unit 10

great, country, away


Unit 11

whose, won, son, breakfast, head, reply


Unit 12

favorite, early, ocean


Unit 13

Monday, Tuesday, cousin, lose, tomorrow, beautiful


Unit 14

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, brought, bought, piece


Unit 15

January, February, July, enough, special, December


Unit 16

August, laugh, daughter