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Band Information and Assignments Regarding COVID-19 School Closure



Instrument Pick-Up

While we are out of school, students may email me to set up a time to come get their instrument and music. Students should practice on the music for the spring concert. Remember, only students with signed Loan Out Agreement rental forms may pick up instruments. Students are repsonsibe for the safety and care of their instruments. I highly encourage  you to practice as much as you can over this period of time. 


 Listening Link

Below you will find a link to a recording of the arrangement of Ghostbusters that we have been working on:



*For students WITH instruments*

-Pick a song that we have been working on in class or that you have been working on independently. Record yourself playing the song and email it to me.

-Practice music for spring concert

-Listen to Ghostbusters arrangement


*For students WITHOUT instruments*

-Find a video of a band performance on youtube and email me the link along a short paragraph of several things that you liked about the performance. You may discuss song selection, rhythms, etc.


-Listen to Ghostbusters arrangement




Brass Players

Here is a link to a video about buzzing on the mouthpiece. The guy in the video is a trumpet player, but these exercises can be done by all brass players(trumpet, tuba, trombone, french horn)



Here is a link to a video explaining how to do paradiddles. Watch this video and make a video of yourself playing paradiddles and email it to me.