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UPDATED 4/20/2020


Hey guys,
I hope you are socially distancing yourselves and staying safe during these difficult times. I miss you very much! We will continue having online meetings using the Zoom platform on Monday mornings.  Blanson's homeroom will meet a 9, Farley's homeroom will meet at 9:30, and Mrs. Taylor's homeroom will meet at 10:00 since my internet cannot support one large meeting.  I The link for the zoom meetings are dropped in google classroom  and on Class Dojo for you to join!  I will not be posting zoom links on this website because of security concerns.  

Also, keep working in Zearn! I have sent out a schedule on classdojo and also my website(SEE BELOW) for Zearn lessons through the months of April and May!  If you get stuck on a skill or a problem you can screenshot it and message me in dojo and I will immediately work it out and respond to help you!  

Hope to see you Monday! Love ya bunches!!!!!!! Mrs. T


UPDATE 3/27/20

Zearn Schedule for Modules 5-6


Dear Parents,

  Here is a  Zearn schedule for your children to continue their online Zearn learning to complete the last two modules in our curriculum. I am assigning through the end of the school year so your child can be prepared for the lessons once we return to school .   Most of your kids are WAY ahead of the schedule! Way to GO!!! If your child completes these two modules ahead of schedule, then I will assign them some of the lessons from the beginning of the year as review work. 

Due Date

Required Lessons

March 30-April 10

Module 5, Lessons 1-10

April 13-17

Module 5, Lessons 11-15

April 20-24

Module 5, Lessons 16-21

April 27-May 1

Module 6, Lessons 1-10

May 4-8

Module 6, Lessons 11-20

May 11-15

Module 6, Lessons 21-27

May 18-22

Module 6, Lessons 28-32





Good Afternoon,

     I hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  What an unbelievable time as this!  Just a quick note to tell you all I am thinking of you all.  I know many of you are concerned about the loss of school time. As the state and district makes plans for the future, I will use this website to update you guys as well.  

    Our district is providing parents and students at-home enrichment packets that you may access from the following link:



The most important thing you can do to keep your students up to date and practice math is to have them continue to log into Zearn on a daily basis and complete at least one lesson a day.  Most of these lessons take about 20-30 minutes and each online lesson covers one Eureka Math lesson. One lesson a day will keep them on target for finishing the entire 5th grade math curriculum.  They may complete as many /lessons a day as they want.  I am not limiting this as the more learning and practicing your child is doing, the better!  Once they complete module 4, have them move right into modules 5 and 6.  Module 5 covers our geometry standards on  quadrilaterals and volume of rectangular prisms.  Module 6 covers coordinate planes and a year end review of everything we have covered in 5th grade.  


Students may also log in to their Prodigy accounts to practice the math skills from all year long. It is a game format, but the kids get practice problems and direct instruction when they strugle to answer questions correctly.  The website is



ZEARN REQUIREMENTS: A Zearn Module 4 completion grade will be given at the end of this nine weeks. Your child should be completing 4 Zearn lessons per week.  The schedule of due dates are as follows: 

Friday 2/7/20 - Lessons 1-4

Friday 2/14/20 - Lessons 5-8

Friday 2/21/20 - Lessons 9-12

Friday 2/28/20 - Lessons 13-16

Friday 3/6/20 - Lessons 17-20

Friday 3/13/20 - Lessons 21-24

Friday 3/20/20 - Lessons 25-28

Friday 3/27/20 - Lessons 29-33



Also, they may log in to their google classroom from home and I have uploaded videos of each of the tested lessons.  They may also log on to Zearn at any time from home to practice the skills I have previously taught. 

For every Zearn lesson completed, they will receive a Class Dojo point.   


Welcome back to school!  I am so excited to be teaching your child fifth grade math!  We are going to have a great year!



We will be using the Eureka Math curriculum focusing on place value through thousandths, operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, coordinate planes, volume, and all things fractions this year.  I will be dropping short instructional videos for each lesson in your child's google classroom accounts they may access from home if they need help with their homework.  

You can expect your child to have homework Monday- Thursday night during the week.It will be attached to the Eureka problem set so you have examples to follow.  It will be checked for completion the next day.  Your child will start out with a 100 as their homework grade and 5 points will be deducted for every time they do not have their homework completed. 
We will be using 3 computer programs to suuplement and help practice skills that are being taught at school.  Your child may access all three of these programs from home for additional practice.  
318-322-8976 ext. 4090
Class Dojo app - We will be using this app to share news, updates, important reminders, and photos from class.  You may also send private messages to any of the 3 teachers to see how your child is doing in school or to get in touch with us for anything.  Until the internet issues have been resolved, this will be the best way to contact me as my email is not currently working.  I do ask that any private matter is not posted to the news feed, but sent in a private message. 
Thank you all so much for your support.  Once again, I am so excited to be your child's teacher and am looking forward to a fun, successful year!