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For students in Work Place Safety, I have included a syllabus along with safety rules and expectations.  Here's the link.  rules and procedures.docx

There are also a number of performance-based tasks that must earn a "pass".  The link here will describe the tasks that are necessary to earn a certification.  It will also give parents an idead of the type of hands-on tasks students will be participating in.   nccer performance testing.pdf 


In order for students to earn certification, a form called a Registration and Release must be completed and turned in. NCCERs must have permission to enter the student's info online so they have a record of the student's progression and therefore issue a certificate.  The blanks with the asterik (*) must be completed.  There's a section in the middle of the form about giving SSN, NCCER Card numbr or State DOE number.  I will fill this portion out.  I'll use their state DOE (Dept of Ed) number.  I will send one home with the students.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they bring it back. Here's what it looks like.   registrationandreleaseform(2).pdf 



Daily Bell Schedule

1st period         7:35-8:38

2nd period         8:42-9:35

3rd period         9:39-10:32

4th period         10:36-11:29

5th period         12:03-12:56

6th period         1:00-1:53

7th period         1:57-3:00