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Happy Pig Day!!!

We celebrated Mo Willems' "Piggie & Elephant" series of books this week.  This celebration culminated in our own Happy Pig Day on Friday!

We started the day with a Pig Parade through the entire school!  We declared "OINKY OINK OINK" to everyone we found!  (That means "Happy Pig Day" in Pig.)


Then we posed for a group photo in front of the cabinet we decorated this week.  The cabinet is covered in little pigs and little elephants that the students made using creativity and freestyle artwork (along with a few coloring pages for fun).  Each letter at the top was made by one student.  They were given paper and scissors and challenged to create a letter (or exclamation point!).  Ask your child which one he or she made!


At last, it was time to make and eat our SLOP!  Some of these photos refuse to align correctly on the site, but I thought I'd share anyway!  ;)




Oinky Oink Oink!!!



Welcome to Pre-K!



 We are using the Tools of the Mind curriculum with our Pre-K students. The "Learn" section of the Tools of the Mind website offers a great summary of what your child will be doing this year.


Your child will receive free breakfast every morning.  You must provide a small afternoon snack, which your child will eat after rest time.  Your child's bedding (a small sheet, blanket, and a small pillow or stuffed animal) will be kept in sealed bin at school and returned to you each Friday to be washed at home.  These bins are only big enough to fit small items-- please no full-size pillows or huge stuffed animals!



Please feel free to contact me any time :



Our Specials schedule:  Mondays: Gym, Tuesdays: Music, Wednesdays: Art, Thursdays: Gym, Fridays: Library and Computers