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Online Resources

I am starting a collection of online resources that you and your child can explore during our school closure.

Scholastic Learn at Home- Pre-K through 9th grade:


Caring for Preschoolers at Home


Supporting your Tools of the Mind student at home: English-Tools-of-the-Mind-PreK-Learn-at-Home-Kit.pdf 





Welcome to Pre-K!



 We are using the Tools of the Mind curriculum with our Pre-K students. The "Learn" section of the Tools of the Mind website offers a great summary of what your child will be doing this year.


Your child will receive free breakfast every morning.  You must provide a small afternoon snack, which your child will eat after rest time.  Your child's bedding (a small sheet, blanket, and a small pillow or stuffed animal) will be kept in sealed bin at school and returned to you each Friday to be washed at home.  These bins are only big enough to fit small items-- please no full-size pillows or huge stuffed animals!



Please feel free to contact me any time :



Our Specials schedule:  Mondays: Gym, Tuesdays: Music, Wednesdays: Art, Thursdays: Gym, Fridays: Library and Computers