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A Morning Celebrating Insects!


This morning seemed to be packed full of insect-related activites.  First, we set our five Painted Lady butterflies free outside.  We're hopeful that we'll see them fly by us the next time we're playing outside!

Later in the morning, we had a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Harner.  They came to tell us about beekeeping and collecting honey.  We even got to take a taste of honey from their bees!  

We are still waiting to see if our Praying Mantis egg cases yield any baby praying mantises for our class.  We have one egg case that came with our kit, and Mrs. Sandymeyer-Bryan found an egg case outside for us to keep, as well!  




Happy Pig Day!!!!


Pre-K celebrated "HAPPY PIG DAY" in honor of author and illustrator Mo Willems' Elephant & Piggie books.  


  Ms. Hardy and the students are adding ingredients to the pot of "SLOP."


Adding more ingredients!



Eventually the pot was full of delicious, stinky SLOP!!




Later in the day, we made some edible slop!



We also had a photo-op in front of a GIGANTIC book cover!





Welcome to Pre-K!



 We are using the Tools of the Mind curriculum with our Pre-K students. The "Learn" section of the Tools of the Mind website offers a great summary of what your child will be doing this year.


Your child will receive free breakfast every morning.  You must provide a small afternoon snack, which your child will eat after rest time.  Your child's bedding (a small sheet, blanket, and a small pillow or stuffed animal) will be kept in sealed bin at school and returned to you each Friday to be washed at home.  These bins are only big enough to fit small items-- please no full-size pillows or huge stuffed animals!



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