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Welcome to Kindergarten!! 


I am so excited that you are in my class. I know that we will have a great year! We will learn, we will explore, and we will grow as a community of students.


Here is some helpful tips for at home learning.  It is important that you share a reading experience at home with your child nightly. This will develop a love of reading! You should ask them questions as you read the story. Make this time enjoyable for both of you. Pick a calm space with no distractions. Pick a book that the student will enjoy and is interested in. The student will enjoy the time spent together and they will develop a love of reading. 


It is important to make learning fun! Read books together. Count objects around the house. Look for shapes around the house. When you go shopping point out different items and tell the beginning sound of those items. Example, " Look at the apples.. Apples starts with a. " 


I love teaching and making learning fun! Let me know if you need any more help with ideas for fun learning and enrichment at home.