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Components of a School Counseling Program


Individual Counseling

Students can speak to me about anything and everything!  Some issues may include: peer conflicts, anxiety/stress, family changes, study skills, death/loss, and of course, FEELINGS!  Parent permission is not required for individual counseling, however, if a student comes to me regularly for counseling I will certainly let the parents know.



Sometimes students need some help to sort out an issue that may be too big for them to handle independently. I can help students by facilitating communication and encouraging/teaching effective conflict resolution skills.


Small Group Counseling

Groups will be formed to meet the needs of the students at Stony Brook.  If you feel that your child would benefit from participating in a counseling or social skills group, please reach out to me. Groups will be offered at different points throughout the school year, starting in the fall. 


Large Group Counseling

I visit classrooms throughout the year to teach classroom counseling lessons.


Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS)

The counselor is the facilitator of the I&RS Team at Stony Brook.  The purpose of the I&RS Team is to promote the academic, behavioral, and emotional success of our students.