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Daily targeted Mini-lesson: Provide students with a repertoire of tools and strategies.


Independent Reading  + ample time for “eyes on text” using engaging 

and instructionally appropriate texts


Individualized instruction:  1-on-1 conferring and targeted strategy groups as needed.


Share:  Students gather to discuss how they used focus skill, and teachers 

connect the work done in reading & writing.  This can be another teaching 

opportunity.  (The reading & writing units are closely aligned!)


Cross-disciplinary approach: Connections between daily teaching points and texts we read in science or social studies.


This Year's Units of Study


  1. Launching Reader’s Notebooks and Developing Self-Directed Routines that Support Stamina and Text Analysis

  2. Developing an Understanding of Characters, Inferring Central Messages and Supporting Ideas with Key Details

  3. Researching Answers to Questions about a Shared-Class Topic

  4. Fables, Folktales, Fairy tales, Myths

  5. Biography Research

  6. Researching Answers to Questions about a Shared-Class Topic

  7. Poetry




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