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August 2019

Dear Third Grader,


Happy new school year!  I hope you are having many summer adventures, and enjoying your time off with family and friends. My name is Miss Regan and I am so excited to be your Third Grade Teacher! This year will be my second year teaching Third Grade at Toll Gate, and I can assure you that Third Grade is full of fun and exciting learning opportunities. 


In Third Grade you will be learning multiplication and division, taking trips to China and Egypt, participating in challenging STEM Projects, engaging in meaningful book discussions, and creating a writing portfolio full of many new and creative published pieces. We will use a classroom economy to help take care of our 3R Community. Each month you will be able to apply for a new classroom job. Each job includes a salary, which you will use to buy rewards and prizes for your hard work. IDuring the first few days, I will take time to explain more about our year together as well as answer any questions you have. 


It is also important that we spend time getting to know eachother. On Thursday and Friday, you will have the opportunity to share about one summer memory. Please bring a summer souvenir such as a photograph, post card, small object , book or drawing to share during Morning Meeting. I cannot wait to hear all about each of your unique summer experiences. 


We will have a brief snack time each morning. You need to bring one small healthy snack (please avoid sugary snacks so early in the morning). You may bring a reusable water bottle.


The Third Grade supply list will be posted on the PTO website. Please try to bring all supplies with you on the first day of school. If there is any trouble accessing the list, please contact the main office. 


I cannot wait to see you all on September 5th! Remember, it is a full day of school so be sure to eat a big breakfast, pack a healthy snack and lunch! Enjoy the rest of your summer!




Miss Regan

Toll Gate Grammar School

Room 201