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Important Kindergarten Information






                                                                 School Day


A full day runs from 8:35 am until 3:20 pm. Morning arrival is behind the school, on the sidewalk outside the Kindergarten rooms. Students should line up behind the kindergarten classrooms on the sidewalk. Dismissal is from the side door on Elm St. (next to the library) at 3:20 pm (five minutes before the rest of the school).


An early dismissal day runs from 8:35 am until 12:45 pm. Dismissal is from the side door on Elm St. (next to the library) at 12:45 pm (five minutes before the rest of the school).


At the end of the day, for the first few weeks, I would appreciate if you could come up to the door to greet your child.  I need to make eye contact with you and want them to begin to tell me that they see you. This will take a little longer at the beginning of the year but once I know who the pick up person is for each student they will just tell me they see you and you won't have to come up to the door. Thanks for your patience as they learn this routine.



If your child will be going home with someone other than the person/people I know, please send me a note that morning letting me know who that person will be. If you forget a note, please call the office so they can let me know. 





The Kindergarten Students will be eating lunch in the music room. They will be eating with the first grade students. Their lunch time is from 12:17-1:02. They will eat first and then go outside for recess. Please make sure that their lunch container or bag has their name on it. This container/bag should only have their lunch so they know this is what they eat at lunch time. We can not heat up food so please don't send in anything that needs to be heated. 








Morning snack (small snack and a drink).


 Please pack snacks in separate bags than lunch. Please make sure the bags have your child’s name and “SNACK” written on it. This helps me and your child to know what they should be eating at certain times.




Feel free to send a water bottle for your child to access at any time during the day. We do not have a water fountain in the classroom. Please put your child’s name on the water bottle as they will keep water bottles at the counter in the back of the room.



                              Daily Folder


I will send home a red folder every day. It will come home even if it is empty. Please return it every morning. This is our way of communicating with each other. I will check the folder every morning for any notes from you. I will also put any important information for you in this folder.  Any homework will also come home in this folder and should be returned in the folder.


                               Rainy Days


On a rainy morning, kindergarten stuents will enter through the Elm street door and line up in the library. I will be there to greet the children.


                                        Change of Clothes


Just in case it is needed during the course of the school year, please send in a change of clothes with your child. The school nurse will keep them in her office. Put them in a plastic ziploc bag with your child’s name and K-M written on the bag. They will be returned at the end of the year.




We love celebrating birthdays at school! Students are welcome to bring in a treat to share with their classmates on their birthday. Brownies, Rice Krispie treats, soft pretzels, Munchkins and cookies have all been popular in past years. Cupcakes are messy and many children don’t eat them. Please send napkins with the treat. Just let me know a day or two in advance that you will be sending in a treat.



                     Communicating with Me

The best way to get in touch with me is through my school e-mail ([email protected] ). I will check my email every morning before school begins and again at the end of the day. You can also call the school and leave a message for me or send me a note in the daily folder. If you have not heard back from me by the next day, you can assume I did not get the e-mail, message or note and should re-contact me. It is important that we work together so please contact me with any concerns, information, etc. about your child.



Reminder, if your child is going home with someone different, this note needs to be in the folder that morning. If you forget to send a note, please call the office and let Mrs. Hallahan know this so she can contact me. Please do not e-mail me this information during the school day, I can not gurantee that I will see it.