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Welcome to the Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School Library!


At Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High , we believe that "Readers are Leaders!" and on providing rigorus and relevent opportunities in instruction that will enhance learning.  My name is Ms. Laura Bryant and I am your school librarian. Thank you for visiting our Wildcat library website!  I strive every day to help our community of learners achieve their academic potential.  Our students library time is aligned with the Common Core State Standards which can be found on the Louisiana Department of Education website. Students have access to the library daily starting at 7am, during both lunch shifts, and after school. Students receive instruction in library information skills throughout their junior high school years to make them more familiar with the library and to help them become independent researchers and learners.


Twenty minutes a day is all it takes to build key reading skills. Here are seven ways to build a better reader.

   1. Create reading rituals and read together every day.

   2. Story maps. (available in the library)

   3. Talk about the text and ask questions.

   4. Share different kinds of books.

   5. Read with expression.

   6. Read favorite books again and again.

   7. Record yourself reading and play it on car trips or as an alternative to television/gaming devices:) 


Students at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School have the opportunity to participate in Accelerated Reader parties when they meet their reading goals.  Students must have a 90% average or better, 20 minutes of engaged time, and meet their individual point goal to achieve their Accelerated Reader goal each 9 weeks.  Students are also rewarded when they read a million words. I know it sounds like  lot of words, however, it really isn't when you add all the words in the books they are reading. It's so much fun to see the looks on their faces when the students see just how many words they have read!


There are many free websites for students to read books and articles.  The Ouachita Parish Public Library is offering free library e-cards that will give the students access to many books, articles, and activities. Please visit    



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at [email protected].



Laura Bryant



Laura Bryant, Media Specialist/Librarian

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We are Wildcats on the P.R.O.W. L.!

Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance Learning


"The mission of Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High is to provide students the foundation to become educated, productive citizens in a culturally diverse society."