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 Here is a little information about my background:


          Education has always been huge in my family; my mother was a History major in college and an elementary school teacher, and my dad was a bank executive as well as a college professor.   Seven of my cousins are educators!  In my family, we have always known that learning is cool! My parents, siblings, and I spent at least a month every summer traveling around our great nation in a camper- we were dragged to almost every historical sight around the country! I am so grateful for that (now). The love of the written word was always a huge part of our lives as well. There was always someone nestle in a corner reading at our house. We are still discussing and sharing novels with each other all the time!

          Rahway is my hometown and I attended high school with Winfield students. I graduated from Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, am married and have three children. I earned a Masters Degree in Education from Kean University and am highly qualified to teach Middle School Social Studies and ELA. I taught ELA and Social Studies in a private school for 12 years and this is my seventh year at Winfield School.

         I am passionate about teaching and still strive to learn everyday. History and literature are truly in my blood. I really love the subjects that I teach and hope to pass that on to my students!