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Unit 5 Lesson 1 and 2 study guide


Plants need _______ and ______ in order to live.    Sunlight and water / Rocks and pebbles


All animals need __________ to survive.  Wings, food, or soil


An animal which has features that help it survive is the __________.    Bird, fish, or mouse


The feature that helps a tiger catch its food is _______________.

                                    Long neck, sharp claws, or thick fur


Examples of living things are  ________________.

   Flower, grass, and cat / rock, mouse, and dog  /  barn, car, and bird


___________ things do NOT need food, air, and water to survive.  Harmful, Living, or Nonliving


We help pets meet their needs by _______________.

                        Playing with them, giving them names, or feeding them


__________ is one thing that both plants and animals need to live.    Rest, water, or soil


A plant needs ___________ to live.  Claws, sunlight, or shelter


The body feature that helps a polar bear in his environment is ____________.

 Wings to help him fly, fur to keep him warm, or fins to help him swim


The rock that we are watering in class is ___________. Living or nonliving


A/An _____________ is all the living and nonliving things in an area. 

Environment, community, or state


A place where animals can live and be safe is a ___________. School, shelter, or book


Is a rock a living or non living thing?  Explain your answer.

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