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Unit  4  Week  4  Study Guide

Tomas Rivera

Words to Know (tested)              

road              goal                boat                load           goat            fudge          hope        stay          tray     

she’ll              plain               crow              throw                   day             coach          tow           bowl        so

quail               toad               we’ll               we’re        you’ve       they’ve       I’ve           they’ll     toad

show              row                grow              low            blow          snow           boat        coat        road


Spelling Skill (tested) oa, ow


Sight Words (tested)

done        great        laugh        paper       soon         talk           were         work


Story words (study words and definitions daily)

Tomas  Rivera – Born in Texas to Mexican migrant workers, Tomas grew up to become a   

            poet, an author, and an educator.

Texas  -- a state in the south central part of the United States     

born   -- to begin one’s life          

library – a place where books, magazines and other resource materials are kept for reading

            and borrowing       

people – more than one person or human   

stories – tales made up to entertain people

family            -- a group of people, usually parents and their children, who live together in one home

teacher – a person who teaches children and others new things


It Was Snow Fun

Snow fell on the grass.  Snow fell on oak trees.  Snow fell and fell.  Bill was sleeping when it snowed.  When he woke up the snow was there.  Bill got up fast.  Bill likes snow.  He likes snow a lot.  Bill ran and woke up Joan.  He will show Joan the snow.  “Get up, Joan.  Get up, get up!  It snowed, Joan!” said Bill.  Joan got up.  “We can get dressed and put on hats and coats.  Then we can go and play in the snow,” said Joan.  Bill fell in the snow on his back.  Joan fell in the snow, too.  Bill made snow wings.  Bill and Joan had snow all over them.  Bill made a little white snow cat.  Joan put a bow on it.  It was cute.  “Can we make a snow dog, Joan?” asked Bill when he was done.  “Not in this wind.  It is blowing the snow.  We much go in.  Quick.  Let’s go!”  said Joan.  “Yes,” said Bill.  “Let’s go!”  “Did you have fun?” asked Mom.  “It was great when the wind didn’t blow.  Then it was snow fun!” said Bill.  Joan just laughed. 

Boat Rides

Is it time for a ride?  A boat ride can be so much fun.  This boat has sails as white as snow.  The big white sails make the boat go. Wind blows and fills the sails.  Strong winds can make the boat go fast!  It is fun to sail, but you must stay safe.  You need a life vest.  This flat boat has no sails.  It is slow.  You use a pole to make it float.  It can carry loads down this stream.  This boat is a raft.  It is fun to ride fast on white waves.  Hats and life vests help keep this ride safe. This boat has no sail.  It is not a raft.  To make this boat go you must row.  If you stop rowing, the boat will just float and drift off.  This man rows with his left hand.  Then he rows with his right hand.  He will just keep rowing. Soon his boat will pick up speed.  This boat is a huge ship.  It can take long trips at sea.  If you were on this ship, you could eat, sleep, and play games on it.  Would that be great?

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