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Mrs. Blakely, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Memorial Elementary School Room 218

High Mountain School Room 155



Please use this page to find information regarding speech and language services in the school setting, resources for you and your student, and tips for practicing speech and language skills wherever your adventures may lead!  I look forward to a productive and rewarding year working with each and every one of you.



Memorial Phone: (973) 427-8993 ext. 558 

High Mountain Phone: (973) 427-1220 ext. 263




Students will be eligible to earn bonus stickers towards speech-langauge sticker charts by completing activities on the monthly activity calendar.  Calendars will be checked at the end of each month, and bonus stickers will be awarded as follows:

Between 5 and 15 activities: 1 sticker

Between 16 and 25 activities: 2 stickers

26+ activities: 3 stickeres


Please keep track by marking the boxes on the calendar in your child's speech-language notebook.  Activities can be completed at any time during the month to count towards bonus stickers.


Monthly activity calendars can be found HERE!

 June 18.pdf 



Previous Calendars for the 2017-18 School Year: 


*Only a hard copy of the May calendar was provided to each student

as a Better Hearing and Speech Month resource*

  April 18.pdf 

March 18.pdf 

 February 18.pdf 

 January 18.pdf 

December 17.pdf 

 November 17.pdf 

 October 17.pdf