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6th Grade Math


Welcome back to school! This year, there are many fun and exciting things planned for the school year during math class. To begin the school, we'll be refreshing our knowledge of fractions, decimals, and whole number operations. 


We have currently received a new Math series entitled enVision Math. Students will be working by using the online component of their text book to complete their assignments as well as utiliziing online programs, such as IXL and Freckle. 


The following topics will be covered this year during Math class:


Topic 1: Use Positive Rational Numbers

Topic 2: Integers and Rational Numbers

Topic 3: Numeric and Algebraic Expressions

Topic 4: Represent and Solve Expressions and Inequalities

Topic 5: Understand and Use Ratio and Rate

Topic 6: Understand and Use Percent

Topic 7: Solve Area, Surface Area, and Volume Problems

Topic 8: Display, Describe, and Summarize Data