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Reading Language Arts




Welcome to Reading Language Arts 




Mrs. Nisivoccia 





Goals and Dreams for Reading Language Arts Class: 


  • To become lifelong readers, writers and learners 
  • To discover the type of reading we enjoy and find inspiring  To write with passion, fluency and clarity 
  • To share ideas about what we have read and what we have written 
  • To improve our reading comprehension and vocabulary skills 








Guidelines for these Goals: 


  • Come to every class Prepared: binder, agenda book, iPad, something to write with and a book to read 
  • Show respect for school staff and fellow students 
  • Hand homework/Classwork in on time 
  • Do your best work, EFFORT MATTERS 
  • Follow our sixth-grade rules 









6th Grade Rules 


  • Be Prepared 
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Kind 






Grades will be based on: 


  • Being prepared: Give me 5- binder, iPad, writing utensil, agenda & book to read 
  • Independent Reading and Monthly Letters 
  • Writing Activities 
  • Vocabulary Work 
  • Tests and Quizzes 
  • Homework Completion and class work 











I understand the following Rules and Expectations of my Reading Language Art Class: