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Social Studies UNIT 1

Geography and Early Societies of the Western Hemisphere





Label the Western Hemisphere Map!  (How fast can you do it?)


Mexican Geography Game


 South & Central America Game


Label the Central American Map


Identify the North & Central American Flag Game


Label the South American Map Game


Identify the South American Falg Game



Legends of Learning Games



Continental Drift Activities. Simulations, & Games


Introduction Video - Early Civilizations of the Western Hemisphere



**Bitesize Plate Tectonics Simulation & Game


Move the continents


Continental Drift Timeline


Plates and Boundries Game


Brain POP Game - Plate Tectonics



Video - Pangaea


Video #2 - Pangaea


Archaeology Games & Activities


Introduction to archaeology video #1


 Introduction to archaeology video #2


A variety of archaeology games






Ice Age Various Activities & Games


Inforgraphic Website:


Ice Age - (General information about the last ice age!)


Ice Age Review Game



Migration & the First Americans


Bering Land Bridge Theory 




 Coastal Route Theroy



Video - Human Population Through Time:


Map - Human Migration





Fossils - Layers in Time Game


Dig and Deduce



OZ Fossils Game - Pitfall


Fossil Forensics: Interactive



Human Made vs Natural Features


Machu Picchu


Hoover Dam



Panama Canal


Bering Land Bridge


Great Barrier Reef


Rising Global Temperatures


Canadian Geography


Canadian Geography Video


Canadian Map Game


Various Games About Canada





Inuit Life Artcle and Quiz

Inuit Creation and Culture Interactive Website


Make your own Totem Pole


Traditional Inuit Games - Inuit




Homes of Early Americans 


Adobe Pueblo











Brainpop - Adobe

Brainpop - Wigwam

Brainpop - Igloo

How to build an igloo video



Canadian Regions


Canadian Geography Puzzle


Canadian Memory Game



Pueblo: Environmental Interactions


Pueblo Research Guide & Website



Absolute Location


Latitude & Longitude (will help you complete page 12)


Inca, Aztec, & Mayan Research


Inca Enrichment -


Inca Game


Aztec Enrichment -


 Mexicolore - Aztec Website


Mayan Enrichment -


Mayan Game -


 MesoAmerica Interactive Ball Game


 Maya Math Game



Mayan CSI Research & Resources


Living in Mayan Time


 Mayan Civilization