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Identifying Proper Nouns


Plural Girls

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Affixes, Roots, and Vocabulary

Our class' prefixes, roots, and suffixes

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Rice Vocabulary

Vocabulary Games

Prefix/Suffix Millionaire

Prefix/Suffix Puzzles

'Rooting' Out Word Games



Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonym Sam's Lab

Synonym Toast

Tooth Fairy Synonyms

Tooth Fairy Opposites

Word Frog: Synonyms and Antonyms


Main Idea

Main Idea

Main Idea: Soft School Skill Builders 

Quia Main Idea

Main Idea: The Hamburger Game

Main Idea: Ben Franklin Passages


Compound Words

Compound Words: Word Match 

Compound Words: Walk the Plank

Compound Words: Memory Game


Phonics Games

Bossy R Practice

'Blends' Hangman

More 'Blends' Hangman

Phonics Games & Activities

"Glued Sounds" Concentration: NK 

Blends, Digraphs, and Vowels Quiz

Magic 'e' Hangman

Vowel Picture Match

Blends Practice

Galactic Phonics


Red Word Practice (choose speller)



Fact and Opinion

Fact and Opinion: Rags to Riches Game

Fact and Opinion: Quia Quiz


Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose Practice Quiz


Multiple Meaning Words

Homonym Puzzle Match

Homonym Quiz, multiple choice


Homophone Jeopardy

Multiple Meaning Words Jeopardy 

Multiple Meaning Online Quiz



Syllabication Practice

Break it Up: Syllables

How Many Syllables? 


Reading Comprehension




Story Starter Machine


Just for Fun

Create a Comic Strip

Fun Brain Arcade