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Dear Second Grader,


Welcome to our 2CH class community! We are excited to have you as our student and we are going to have a wonderful year together.


We hope you have had a fun-filled and adventurous summer.  This summer, Mrs. Cole worked hard planning and preparing activities for campers on her horse farm and enjoyed a few days down the shore with her children, Gavin 12 and Rowan 9.  Mrs. Hallock, taught summer school classes but found plenty of time to relax by the pool with her family.  She also enjoyed watching her two children, Patrick 9 and Payten 8 enjoy the rides at Hershey Park.


Boys and Girls we can’t wait to get to know you better and to hear all about the fun things that you did over the summer.  Please help us by covering a standard size piece of construction paper with photos and or illustrations of yourself and family.  You might choose to illustrate a picture of yourself doing a special activity at a place you visited this summer or you can attach a real picture.  We will share these “ALL ABOUT ME” posters the first two days of school. 


On the first day, please bring yourself, a smile, and your materials to start off a great school year.


Your teachers,

Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Hallock