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Welcome to Mrs. D'Amore's 2nd Grade Remote Classroom


Mrs. Susanne D'Amore




 Welcome Back!!



Dear Second Grade Family,




Welcome to Mrs. D'Amore's second grade remote class!  I am pleased to announce that I will be your child's teacher for this new and exciting first trimester and perhaps, the entire year. Whether remote or in person, I am looking forward to this unique year.  One thing I know for sure, it will be enjoyable, fun and a year full of new learning. Something about me, I just received my 20th year Professional Service award for teaching at Hopewell Elementary School!




Second grade is a world of new adventures that build upon previous experiences. There will be topics that are familiar as well as new and challenging topics. 


All students in our remote class will be valued for being their own unique self. Different talents and strengths, of many kinds, will be appreciated. 




While I am still discovering new ways to engage students and keep them motivated,  we will follow the regular second grade curriculum and have the same schedule that in-class students will use this trimester. I will constantly tweak our learning to meet the needs of my students and families.  You will always have the opportunity to communicate with me. 



While you are all so welcome to reach out to me, you shouldn't need to constantly be on line with your child.  I want to make our virtual learning as student friendly as possible!  Just make sure you have a quiet work space for your second grader, plenty of supplies, like pencils, crayons, a computer or chrome book, printer and paper!  You can pick up supplies at Hopewell Elementary school. I created a folder for each child and a bag of supplies.  Do not empty contents when you get home.  I will be explaining each with students.  ***Please know that white boards should be reutrned to school once it is safe for us all to go back.  Thank you in advance!



As with most technology, sometimes we will be met with a glitch. No worries, we will work it all out together!




I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and having your new second grader in our remote classroom!  So here's to a successful year in our second grade remote class!  Feel good in knowing that you chose the best option for your family! I am confident that authentic learning will take place and my students will also be happy and supported! 


Important Info to start our remote learning trimester:


- Specials will be on the non-live teaching days

- ALL Students will be live regardless of their A or B day,

  EACH DAY, from 2:00, to no longer than 2:45.   Please make sure your

  child logs on each day at that  time.

- We will have several movement breaks and a snack during our live teaching days.    During this time, we ask that students do NOT log off, but can leave the computer     area. This will save time when students return to their computers for academics.               

Here is a list of your child's A or B Day pod. (Remember, all students will be live, together, each day from 2:00 to no longer than 2:45.


A Day Students ( Bulldogs)                        

- Roxanna A.                                                

- Sylvia B.                                                    

- Florence B.                                                

- Hannah G.                                                 

- Eli  G.                                                        

- Bailey H.S.                                                

- Nathan J.

- Aaryan K.

- Saylor V.


B Day Students ( Frogs)

- Emily M.

- Joseph M.

- Sakura N.

- Addison P.

- Connor W.

- Emily W.

- Byung-Hee H.





Enjoy the rest of a safe and happy summer!  


-Susanne D'Amore