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Course Description


Students will examine major turning points in American history in a global context during the twentieth century as they reflect continuity and change from the nation’s beginnings.  Several themes are emphasized:  the expanding role of the federal government and federal courts; the issues of civil liberties across the world; the effect of the global economy throughout the century; the impact of technology on world society and culture; change in ethnic and cultural composition of American and the world; the movements towards equal rights for racial minorities and women; and the role of the United States as a major world power.



The Americans by McDougal Littell, 2003

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Overarching Course Understandings:


The development of a unique American identity, the evolution of American society, the impact of a multicultural society, the legacy of war and diplomacy, and the place of the United States in an increasingly global arena are themes and understandings that will be developed throughout the course.


Overarching Course Essential Questions:


  • How did isolationism and imperialism shape the international community from 1910 through present day?

  • In what ways has the expansion of civil liberties changed the perspective of the global community?

  • What has war brought to the International Economy and how has the US and the world responded to it?

  • How the various “isms” of the 1900 have’s affected/shaped the decisions of the US and the world?

  • How has technological advances brought the world closer together, yet at the same time caused tension between nations?

  • What has been society’s reaction to the growth and transformation of the new globalization?


Scope and Sequence


Unit 1: Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad Part 1

Unit 2: Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad Part 2

Unit 3: Making Modern America Part 1

Unit 4: Making Modern America Part 2



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