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               Donna Weidman

           Kindergarten Teacher

           Room A-3

           Bear Tavern Elementary School


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Half Days - Friday Nov. 22nd thru Wednesday Nov. 26th

Don't Forget - Conferences are scheduled for Friday Nov. 22nd and Monday Nov. 25th


Dear Parents, 


Here are some updates of our learning:


Reading: Our new unit is called Songs, Poems, Nursery Rhymes and Favorite Big Books to Practice Print Strategies and Fluent Reading.  We are learning to match print with  words we speak, follow words from left to right, top to bottom, to understand that words are searated by spaces in print, and to recogize and produce rhyming words. Any time you have a few minutes, have your child practice ryhimg words -say two words that either rhyme or do not rhyme-they give you a thumbs up or down. You can also say two words that rhyme and have them give another that rhymes - words they produce can be real words or nonsense words.


Writing: We have now taken our published label book and are turning it into a pattern book. This unit guides the children in their understanding of categories and subcategories and creating patterns in writing. It also has the children using those new sight words we've been learning, and putting them into their text (Ex: I like the orange, I like the apple, I like the banana).  As they finish one book, they are encouraged to creat another, using the same concepts.  Can't wait to show you them at conferences!


Fundations: We are continuing to work on letter/sound relationships. This upcoming week, I will introduce letter "e" and "r" as well as review all of the previously learned letters/sounds.  Please practice these at home, witht the ring of letter cards that were sent home.  Children should be able to say the letter name and sound automatically(within a few seconds).  We will also continue with the sight words we have learned.

At conferences, I will give you a ring of sight words to practice as well.


Math:   We finished chapter two, and the "optional" homework book was sent home.  I will show you their end of chapter test at our conference.  In chapter 3 we will begin to work with numbers 6-10.  Forming these numbers are still a little tricky, and reversals are common.  Practice at home would be beneficial.  This chapter will continue to use the math vocabulary: greater than, less than, the same as, comparing, ten frame.


Thank you for your continued support at home,