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If for ANY reason you need to make a change in your child's dismissal, please email the office directly:



 When your child will be out sick, call the "Safeline".

The office and nurse need to know where your child is at all times.




Just a gentle reminder that when sending in money with your child for any reason, PLEASE be sure it is in an envelope marked clearly with your child's name and reason marked on the envelope, even if it is lunch money. 


Hello everyone.  I hope you had a smooth return from break.


This week, I continue to include new sight words as well as digraphs.

I have introduced the digraph "sh" "th" and "ch" (two letters that make one sound) and will continue this week with "ck" and "wh".     


This week, I will continue to introduce new books to push us towards our goal for the end of the year.  During centers, they will be "reading" using strategies given to them as we try to expand our independent reading time. 

I will also meet in small groups to work through new books given to them. They will keep a book (or two) in their personal bins, and will receive a booklet at their instructional level to read with and to you.  These booklets will be in a ziplock (with their name) on Tuesday and I ask you to return them in the ziplock on Thursday.  That will give you two days to read with them.  I will then transfer them into their bins for them to continue to read and practice for a couple of more weeks and then send home for you to keep.  

*If you find that your child is reading their book fluently, you can also try other reading strategies with them in order to be assured the book isn't just memorized.

Ask:  How many words are in the sentence?

         Point to the word, "the", "and", "sled", for example.

         Which word has the "sh" sound?  "b" sound, etc.

(I will always introduce the books one week and send home the following. So be on the lookout each week!)



 We continue to make combinations of numbers to equal the whole: 10.  In addition to learning strategies for this, we are working out how to write a number sentence: 8 + 2 = 10 and then reverse to make a new sentence with the same numbers:

2 + 8 = 10.  


Language Arts and Phonemic Awareness:


Please continue to practice sounds and sight words each night.  Building on those sounds and creating words will help to enrich  what we do in class each day.


Reading to your child is important as well.  Building on comprehension is key.  ie:  Who are the characters, using the characters, retell the story using the beginning, middle and end.  




We are continuing to work on Upper and Lowercase letter formations as well as speed and accuracy in recognition.  


As you practice the letters and sounds at home, you can spread out the letters and ask:  Which letter has the beginning sound in the word, "monkey, igloo, frog", etc.  OR end sounds:  

Which letter sound ends the word:  "pot, tub, bag", etc.

Now we can move onto practicing isolated sounds that come together to form a word:

"What letter makes the /b/ sound?  /a/?   /g/?   Lets put it together to make the word:  b-a-g.


In science, we continue to work on weather throughout the year:  What happens to the thermometer when it gets warmer/colder outside?  Today's temperature is: ____

What does it look like outside today?  (cloudy, sunny, etc.)

What does it feel like outside today?  (warm, cool, etc.)  Why is it important to know the weather?  (It tells us how to dress each day, etc.)


Social Studies:  We are beginning the topic of: 

“Self and Others:  Individual Development and Cultural Identity”.  This will correlate well with our Den Group activity of empathy and acceptance.  



 Share topic:  A gift received or favorite gift given 

15th:  Tuesday:  CJ, Alison

16th:  Wednesday:  Diyar, Ben

17th:  Thursday:  Owen, Morgan


Friday will be our Den group.  Please have your child wear their BT shirts for spirit day!  



Enjoy your weekend and week!









When practicing their sounds, we need to be mindful not to include other sounds along with them:

T:  The correct sound is /t/.  The incorrect sound is /ta/.   

B:  Correct:  /b/;   Incorrect:  /bu/

F:  Correct:  /f/;   Incorrect:  /fu/

When these letters are introduced, they come with a picture to help understand initial sounds.

We would say:  "T, top, /t/"

                        "B, bat, /b/"

                        "F, fun, /f/"

We are practicing words that begin with this sound as well as how to write the letter properly.   You can help by giving words that begin with those initial letters and see if they can tell you which letter is the first sound.


Eventually, I will be sending home a ring with letters on them so they can practice each night as well.


I also encourage your child to write their names with a capital letter in the beginning and continuing with lower case letters in order to form good habits now.  Please be sure they write their names on their homework each night.  









My best form of communication is through e-mail, and I will make every effort to respond asap.  (Please keep in mind that occasionally, the internet will go down.  For this reason, if you have anything that needs my attention immediately, such as a change in pick up, then please call the office, and they will relay the information to me.)











Each month we will send a form where you can order books for your child. If interested, you can click on the site to the Scholastic Club and do completely online:





Follow me on TWITTER to see what your children do each day:  @BTMillerk




Just a few kind reminders to help make our class flow smoothly:

*Please remember to put your child's first and last name, the date, and my name, on any notes that come to school. 

*Separate your child's snack, with their name, from their lunch.  (I place the snacks in a separate container so it is quicker to access their snacks.)

*Please check their folder every day and empty the side "keep at home".


Thank you for your support!  













When we learn new letters, it is helpful for you to practice with them as much as possible.  

(Ie:  Name something that begins with the letter "b", or what letter does the word "boy" begin with?  What letter does the sound /b/ make?)

In addition to these new letters, we will be practicing the proper way to hold their pencil and use the lines to guide them properly in writing these letters.  At this point, they will only be writing lower case letters, EXCEPT for the first letter in their name.

 *Please encourage your child to use an uppercase letter for the first letter ONLY and then lower case for the remainer of their name.  


All library books are due back on their library day, so they can check out a new one!  (The schedule will be coming out soon.)


P.S. For safety reasons, if you are picking up your child at the end of the day, you will need to enter the main entrance so you can be checked in.  The other front door will be locked.