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Welcome to Mrs.Polishchuk’s Chemistry Class 2023-24

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Tel. 201-858-6293(House 6)


Grades are based on the following percentages:

70% Tests, Projects, and  Quarterly Exams

10% Homework and Participation

20% Quizzes, Labs, and Classwork 


Materials Needed Daily: 

3-5 Subject notebook

Index cards (for vocabulary) 



Pen, pencil, highlighter


Rules and Responsibilities: 

All general school rules will be followed. School policies regarding attendance, cutting and tardiness will be strictly enforced. All students must be in accordance with the policies of Bayonne High School; this includes but is not limited to proper dress code and proper classroom conduct. All school rules apply, as well as  classroom rules.  


Class Rules: 

  • Be in your assigned seat ON TIME. Remember: the teacher dismisses the class, not   the bell.

  • Come to the class PREPARED in every way to learn and participate.

  • Treat EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING  with respect and courtesy.

  • Put AWAY all personal items (electronic devices, bookbags, food, etc.)

  • Follow ALL school rules, policies, and procedures.

  • Try your BEST and then try some more, keep a positive attitude.

Homework Policy

Homework will be given most days of the week.  Homework is due the next school day.  


Class Work Policy

In class assignments will be given for a grade.  All in class assignments  must be turned in by the end of the period. Class work grades are based on written work, class participation/discussion, and being prepared for class.  


Test/ Quiz Policy

All major tests will be announced at least one week in advance.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.


Laboratory Policy

Lab work is an integral part of understanding chemistry.  There will be approximately 5-7 labs per marking period.  Lab will be performed in three parts: pre lab preparation, experimentation and  lab report. Labs will be followed up by a post lab homework assignment consisting of worksheets  to be completed.  These post lab assignments will be due in class the next day.  



Projects may be assigned in accordance with the material being covered in class.  Ample time will be given to the students to complete their projects. 


Absence Policy

Student attendance is crucial. It is the student's  responsibility to make up any missed work, assignments,  quizzes, tests or labs in a timely manner. 



There is zero tolerance for cheating. All you are doing is cheat yourself out of a good education. Anyone caught cheating or helping someone to cheat will receive a zero as a grade.



There is one retake available per marking period on a test scored 50 or below.  Maximum you could score on your retake is 70%.



Extra Credit

There is extra credit available.  Oftentimes miscellaneous extra credits  are suggested during the class. If you need serious extra credit, speak with your teacher.  


Extra Help

Chemistry is a difficult subject for many students to understand.  Please, do not struggle in silence. Tutoring is available.