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Ms. Calico

Title 1 Instructor

Hurden Looker School


Hello parents/guardians and students.  My name is Ms. Calico, and I am a Title 1 Reading and Math Instructor for 3rd grade students at Hurden Looker School.  


Title 1 is a federally funded program that helps students who need extra support in reading and/or math.  If your child has been chosen to receive Title 1 services, he/she will have my assistance in accelerating their math and/or reading skills in the classroom during those subjects.


I have a BA from CUNY, an M.Ed from Rutger's University and Reading Recovery Certification from NYU.  Additionally, I am a Clinical Faculty Member of MSU.


Reading and math are integral to our everyday lives and I am dedicated to helping my students become better readers and mathematicians.