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Here are some helpful hints to prepare your child for kindergarten:


1. Begin to establish routines with your child. You can start by setting a bedtime routine. For example, each night before bed you follow the same routine: take a bath, brush your teeth, read a book together. Routines help your child learn predictability. It also helps them feel safe when a new change is coming!


2. Read with your child as much as possible! Research has shown that oral reading with young children increases their ability to retain knowledge. It exposes them to a new language and increases their vocabulary.


3. There has been a significant amount of research on hand-held devices and their effects on young children. As a primary teacher, I recommend VERY limited time on i-pads, cell phones, and laptops. While these devices can provide some learning, I strongly recommend limited time for young children. At this age, children benefit from personal interaction and the awareness of their surroundings. If you, as a parent, feel your child is spending too much time on a device and not interacting with you or their peers, this might be something to consider.