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Welcome to 5D.  

We are going to have a great year!

To be successful, complete your work and read, read, read.  

Keep studying those multiplication tables.  Don't forget the 12's, too.











    Back to School Supplies: 



clear, reusable water bottle

earbuds for laptop

pencils in a case/box/pouch 
dry erase marker

smock for art class























About every other Friday your child will be bringing home his or her Friday folder.  In it will be graded papers for you to view.  Papers inside should be kept at home unless they are labeled "Sign and Return".  There may be a brief message regarding your child's progress, highlight his/her week or inform you of an area of weakness.  Signed folders shoud be returned by Monday of the following week.




    A.R. Reading




Your child will be given an Accelerated Reader goal to complete for each marking period.  In order to achieve that goal, your child will be bringing home their A.R. book to read each night.  I recommend 15-20 minutes of nightly reading.  Students may read for a longer amount of time and are allowed to read Fri.-Sun. as well.











My email address is [email protected] I will be checking my email during prep time.  That way if you are requesting work because your child is absent, it will give me an opportunity to compile it by the end of the day.








 Please note: Sneakers are required for Phys.Ed., and a smock is recommended for art.




Monday: Art


Tuesday: Phys. Ed.


Wednesday: Phys. Ed.


Thursday: Music


Friday: Enrichment






Washington Borough Grading scale is as follows:


 A = 90-100


B = 80-89


C = 70-79


D = 65-69


F = 64 and below