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Welcome parents and students! 

   I am excited to have the involvement of all of you in Room 12. Our focus will always be on the betterment of ourselves; intellectually, behaviorally, and emotionally. The goal, for each and every one of us, should always be to do our best. It is my hope that we all will put our best foot forward and work hard.  

    I believe it to be my job to help my students to achieve. We will work together to make sure that each one of us becomes our own success story.

   Learning does not begin or end within our textbooks. It happens all around us! I will do my best to create an enviornment that is creative, fun, and educational! We will do our best to participate appropriately, whether excited or frustrated.

   Room 12 will be a respectful environment. We will show and receive respect always. It is important to be mindful of our words and of our actions because they have the power to affect others either positively or negatively.


We are a team. We work together. We achieve together.