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Welcome to the  D.D.E.’s music website.   Here you will find information not only about the general music class but also information about the after school Band Program.

This year the students in our general music classes will be exploring the piano, guitar, and the drum set.  My goal is to present each student with enough information so that when they leave my class they will be able to play these instruments on their own and continue if they so desire.  I will be focusing on the student’s musicianship so that they can take the skills that they develop in class and use them outside of school and in the future.  

In addition to developing our students musicianship each grade level will be looking at a genre of music (Blues, Motown, etc). or a specific musician or musical group, such as Elvis, The Beatles, Motown, etc. Depending on grade level students will also be reading a book about a musician, writing a short essay or paper, or presenting the musician or group to the class in the form of an oral report.