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Language Arts 
Renaissance Learning
This is the Renaissance Website. 

AR Book Finder
Use this page to find book levels, point values, and quiz numbers for the books you pick up at the local library, have on your kindle, or purchase at a book store.



Complete lessons and practice reading skills at your own level. 


Study Island

Practice previously learned skills or practice current grade level skills, and then play games to reinforce those skills.



Practice learned skills and then play games to reinforce those skills. 


Spelling City

This is an excellent resource for practicing your spelling skills. 




Squiggle Park


Get Epic


Reading Rockets 

Does skipping daily reading matter? YES. Read all about it here. 

Plural Nouns Spelling Rules 


Fact vs. Opinion
Video about Fact and Opinion on 

Cause and Effect
YouTube video on Cause and Effect 


School House Rock Conjunction Junction 

Parts of a Friendly Letter 


Research Websites
Online Dictionary
Look up spelling or vocabulary word definitions. 

Online Thesaurus
Look up synonyms and antonyms for spelling and vocabulary words.  Use this site to find words to make your writing more vivid. 

Fact Monster
Check out the analogy of the day, visit the homework center, or even practice your writing skills.


Math Antics

Division Demolition

Multiplication Facts Practice

Multiplication Facts Practice-Penguin Jump


Place Value Race

Subtraction - regrouping video lesson

Pearson Mathematics Course 2 Common Core
This is the link to the math textbook.

Quick Math

Khan Academy

Test Prep

Test Prep

Study Jams Videos

Virtual Mathematics Manipulatives