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      Welcome to Walker Freshman High!  I am excited to welcome the 9th grade class of 2018-2019.  My name is Brittany Frederick and I teach Algebra 1 and Physical Science. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at .  I am looking forward to a great school year!
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 For homework, daily summaries,and/or test information, click the "Daily Summary and Events" link to view that information on the calendar (a more detailed summary will be under the "Homework" link on each day on the calendar) and be sure to check Power School regularly to keep up with your progress in all subjects. Assignments on the calendar may be subject to change; however, the students are required to copy down all homework and important dates into their planner. It is the students' responsibility to keep up with test/due dates and any missed work due to absences. 


On the menu to the left of my homepage, you will see different links other than "Daily Summary and Events" and here is an explaination of each link:

Documents: Where you will find uploaded documents that can need to be accessed from home.

Remind:  Gives directions on how to join my Remind group for reminders of future events and due dates for assignments via email or text!

Resources:  On this page, you can find websites and resources that can help assist students who are struggling and also help challenge their knowledge of math!



Click the image below to go to WFHS Website for more information about our school!

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